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Since 1989, Stingray Australia has been the leading specialist in UV protective swimwear and casual wear for babies, children and adults. The collection offers a wide range of hats, caps, trousers, surf shirts and suits with short or long sleeves.

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Snapper Rock

The clothing by Snapper Rock was developed in New Zealand. In the world of sailing, people discovered the advantages of sturdy and attractive UV protective clothing for children from 0 to 12 years. The collection offers a wide range of board shorts, shirts, hats and caps that are always in keeping with the latest fashions.

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Little Red Fish

The beautiful, classic collection by Little Red Fish is designed and produced for one hundred per cent in New Zealand, with the main focus on comfort, style and quality. The collection consists of T-shirts, trousers, shorts and swimwear for children up to aged 14.

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This one hundred percent French brand is introducing an innovative and eye-catching collection consisting of swimsuits and swimwear separates, dominated by bold prints that typify the brand. The swimwear offers optimum pleasure, comfort and of course an Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50+. The swimwear continues to look like new, whether it is worn dry, wet, or for a long time, making it very suitable for active children.

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Sun Emporium

Sun Emporium Australia was set up with the idea of offering UV clothing that is not just practical but also stylish. The collection is characterized by vintage prints and retro designs in attractive colour combinations. The brand offers shirts, sun hats, shorts, swimwear and accessories for children from 0 to 14 years.

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Wallaroo Hat Company offers a wide collection of UV protective hats made from various materials and in a range of colours and prints for young and old. The hats have an adjustable cord on the inside and outside so they are suitable for every size of head.

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Beverly Kids

The UV protective flotation suits by Beverly Kids make sure that your child can have carefree fun in and out of the water. The new stylish collection includes many different colours and cheerful designs, with something for everyone. Beverly Kids offers UV protective flotation suits that not only protect your child’s skin and keep it cool, but also look striking.

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Lily Balou

Lily Balou is an adorable Belgian brand with a stylish sailor theme. If you like the classic blue and red stripe look, than you will fall in love with this collection. 

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Ducksday is a Belgian brand that offers cool and light weight UV protective suits, shirts and shorts. Ducksday carries Lycra outfits including matching hats to suit any style. 

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Swimpy is a Swedish brand that carries all your children's favourite Disney character swimwear. The collection includes: Spiderman, Nemo, Minnie Mouse, Little Mermaid and more!

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Playshoes has a large colorful assortment of UV protective clothing. You can dress your child in one style from head to toe: hat, shirt, shorts and shoes! 

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Squids Sunwear

Squids Sunwear is a Dutch brand that offers a vibrant range of SPF clothing for kids. If you would like to dress your children in bright and exciting colors for the summer, than this is the brand for you! 

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We spend more and more time in the sun, and so do our children. Protect your child from the sun’s harmful rays. Perfect for the beach, by the pool, in the sandbox or other places where your child is exposed to strong sunlight. This product is available in 4 happy colours and has the best UV-protection, UV 400. Make sure you adjust the band to fit your child’s head.

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Care Plus

Sunlight consists out of 2 kinds of light: the visible light that has colour, and the light that we are unable to see: ultraviolet rays (UV-rays) and infrared light. In small amounts UV-rays are healthy. For example, it stimulates the production of vitamin D, which improves the bones. However, if too many UV-rays touch the skin, it will become damaged. Protect your skin with Care Plus® sun screen. 

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Luvali Convertibles is specialized in reversable products. From hats to bags and bracelets, everything is reversable. This way, you can enjoy your purchase twice as much. 

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Baby Banz were originally designed in Australia for one of the world's toughest UV environments. Clinically tested by one of the world's leading authorities on sunglasses, Baby Banz have passed the most stringent standards on sunglasses in the world. 

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