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  1. Garnier---After-sun-spray---Ambre-solaire
    Garnier - After-sun spray - Ambre solaire
    As low as 16.99
  2. Careplus---sun-protection-after-sun
    Careplus - sun protection after sun


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What does aftersun do?   

Aftersun has a cooling effect and moisturizes the skin. The sun often dries out the skin and aftersun contains various substances that calm and nourish the skin with the necessary means. Such as oily substances and antioxidants. What very important to know is, is the fact that burnt skin is not repaired by aftersun. Unfortunately, the damage is then already done. It does calm your skin, that's the cooling effect, but it can't reduce the damage. That is why it is so very important to preventively provide the right protection and to apply aftersun afterwards.


Aftersun child

The use of aftersun is also recommended for a child. Especially on beautiful summer days, children are busy for example on the beach or in a park, where they are exposed to a lot of UV rays. Make sure they are already well protected by using the right UV resistant swimwear for boys and swimwear for girls. But help the delicate skin to calm down and recover afterwards, by using the right aftersun. The sun is a beautiful natural phenomenon. And we can really enjoy it together. But it's so important to prepare well and afterwards to remedy the effects of the sun and give the skin the care it deserves. And with the aftersun for a child from UV-Fashions, you make the right choice.


Aftersun gel or spray

Aftersun comes in different types, such as a spray or a gel that you can apply to the body. Each person has his or her own preferences, so for that reason we have an extensive range at UV-Fashions, so you can make a thorough choice. Prefer aloe vera or another cactus extract? We have it all. All you have to do is indicate your preference and choose between an aftersun gel or spray.

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