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UV swim shirts for babies


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  1. Snapper-Rock---UV-Rash-Top-for-kids---Sustainable---Short-sleeve---Navy/Aqua
    Snapper Rock - UV Rash Top for kids - Sustainable - Short sleeve - Navy/Aqua
    As low as 40.99
  2. Snapper-Rock---UV-Rash-Top-for-kids---Short-sleeve---Navy
    Snapper Rock - UV Rash Top for kids - Short sleeve - Navy
    As low as 35.99
  3. Snapper-Rock---UV-Rash-Top-for-girls---Crop---Long-sleeve---Blush
    Snapper Rock - UV Rash Top for girls - Crop - Long sleeve - Blush
    As low as 38.99
    Color: Pink
    • Pink
    • Multicolour
  4. Snapper-Rock---UV-Rash-Top-for-girls---Flutter-sleeve---Neon-Queen-Pink
    Snapper Rock - UV Rash Top for girls - Flutter sleeve - Neon Queen Pink
    As low as 35.99
  5. Snapper-Rock---UV-Rash-Top-for-girls---Flutter-sleeve---Navy
    Snapper Rock - UV Rash Top for girls - Flutter sleeve - Navy
    As low as 37.99
  6. Tenue-de-Soleil---UV-Swim-shirt-for-children---Samu---Sunny-Peach
    Tenue de Soleil - UV Swim shirt for children - Samu - Sunny Peach
    Regular Price 54.99 As low as 41.49
    Color: Orange
    • Orange
    • Blue
    • Green


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UV Swim Shirts for the whole Family

Are you looking for a swim shirt with high-quality UV protection? Then you are in the right place at UV Fashions. The UV protection specialist offers you a wide selection of UV swim shirts to help you enjoy a sunny day on the beach. Since all swim shirts are made of high-quality and quick-drying materials, you can jump into the cool water at high temperatures and simply keep your swim shirt on. After dabbling in the water, the fabric still feels comfortable on the skin and dries quickly. Thanks to its breathable and moisture-regulating properties, a UV-Fashions UV swim shirt is also a practical and fashionable companion during the day. Thanks to the special weaving of the fabrics, the UV protection can not wash out and retains its UV-defying function even in water.


Fashion and UV protection combined in the Swim Shirt from Cabana Life

At UV-Fashions you will also find a wide selection of swim shirts especially for women. Particularly popular is the Cabana Life brand, which produces high-quality UV protective clothing for women. The fashionable UV swim shirts convince not only through a high protection factor (UPF 50+), but also through their individual design with colorful patterns and various cuts. This way everyone can find a suitable UV swim shirt according to their own taste.


Swim Shirts for Men

Coolibar and Prolimit offer UV swim shirts for men in various shapes and colors. Men's swim shirts are held in rather simple styles, so they are easy to combine and complete every outfit. You can choose from swim shirts with long or short sleeves.


Swim Shirts by Snapper Rock

For kids, the Snapper Rock UV swim shirts are very popular because they convince not only through their quality but also through their extraordinary designs. No less popular are the Molo swim shirts, which are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Combine the shirt with a matching pair of swim shorts or simply pull the UV shirt over the swimsuit to provide more UV protection for the sensitive skin of the child.

Browse through the wide range of UV-Fashions and find a suitable swim shirt today to protect your skin from harmful UV rays!

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