JuJa | UV Clothing for Kids

About the brand...

JuJa, a high quality brand from the Netherlands, creates stylish and sportive UV-clothing for kids that can't get enough of playing in the water. JuJa stands out because of its minimalistic design and its high focus on quality. The collection consists of swimshirts that are breathable, quick-drying and lightweight.

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JuJa UV clothing for children

JuJa is a young brand that offers high-quality, sporty UV clothing for children. UV swimming shirts from JuJa don’t just look athletic and stylish, they also have a high sun protection factor of 50+. This means that this brand's swim shirts block no less than 98% of UV radiation. JuJa's UV shirts protect your child's back, stomach and shoulders from the sun and its dangerous UV rays. JuJa's high-necked UV shirts have a sleek, minimalist design that gives them a sporty look. Plus, the classic logo that resembles a setting sun quickly puts you in a happy summer mood!


How JuJa came to be

JuJa was founded in 2018 by Jan Willem van de Sterre. He named the brand after his daughter Julia and his son James. In order to reduce the increasing number of skin cancer sufferers, he wants to protect his children as much as every other child from UV radiation. At a young age, getting sunburned increases the risk of developing skin cancer in later life enormously. Jan Willem therefore has an important mission: to put an end to skin cancer. Be aware of the dangers of the sun and wear UV-protective clothing together with sunscreen. Reapply sunscreen on exposed skin every two hours and avoid going out in the sun between 12 and 3 o’clock in the afternoon.


Purchase UV clothing from JuJa

JuJa is a brand-new designer of UV clothing made for children who can't get enough of the water. The JuJa shirts have a boardshort loop to attach them to any swimming trunks or swim leggings, which makes them great for watersports. The UV shirts also dry quickly, are breathable and their flat seams prevent chafing and provide great wearing comfort. JuJa stands for excellent, long-lasting quality that keeps you sun-safe for many summers. Dive into the waves and enjoy the water with the beautiful, sporty UV clothing from JuJa!